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Wrenclaw Debut LP!

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Genre: Blues, Indie Rock, Rock


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My dream has always been to have the opportunity to release a vinyl LP of my own creation. I'm dangerously close to having that dream come true with the debut release of Wrenclaw my country-rock baby. This is a "Pre-Sale" promotion so that means any money you spend pays for the LP, studio time, and production costs. There is no cut off: you put in cash, you get an LP (or an LP and other cool stuff)! 

Other information about the people behind this campaign:

This project we call Wrenclaw commenced over a few beers with Brian Knapp in Madison, WI. We decided to record the tracks in his in-laws' cabin outside of Rome, WI (there are two Romes, by the way, we were in Adams County Rome). The band consisted of myself (Dan Walkner) playing all the guitars and harmonicas, Matt Crane on drums and a few strange percussion items (some kind of a cheese grater?), Dan Plourde on bass, Jacob Miller on percussion and vocals, Nate Gray on keys, and my dear ol' daddy, Bill Walkner, on bass, vocals, and the cooking of chili to sustain us through the process. Brian set up a studio in the living room and a "booth" in the bedroom to capture the magic. All of the pre-amps and other recording apparatti (?) were made by, and on loan from, Dan Probst. We recorded it Friday night, drank a bunch of beer, played ping-pong, had a bonfire, slept, and recorded the rest on Saturday. Sunday we were greeted with a downpour of snow, and everyone fled except myself, Jake, and Brian to finish the vocals with the natural reverb of the Great White North. When we got back to Madison, Anna Laube and Corey Hart joined us for some vocal dubs, and that was it. Little to no effects, just rooms, instruments, and souls. The LP was mixed by Brian. We then sent it to be mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn, NY. The art was created by my boyhood pal Matthew Lange in Kansas City, MO. It was colored and edited by my cousin Zack Guyette (also quite the musician himself, check out his band "Zeal of Dinosaurs"), and the layout was created by Maurice Thaler using pictures taken by Erica Krug and a typewriter owned by WORT 89.9 DJ Dave Watts. 

Everything else:

Not trying to get rich here. My goal in life is to always strive to get dangerously close to breaking even. We have a few categories, some with some odd and stellar throw-ins:

Don't forget to mention if you want your record cover autographed and state was size shirt you'd like. Thanks in advance! This is our dream, and we had a lot of fun doing all this, but keep the fun going with a sweet party and some Wrenclaw shwag!

International shipping is not available! Sorry foreign dignitaries, but it's too much rigmarole!