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Tyranny Is Tyranny - The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism

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Genre: Metal, Noise, Post-Punk, Prog Rock, Punk, Rock, Other

PRE-ORDER CAMPAIGN The second LP by Tyranny Is Tyranny, "The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism."

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Pre-Order vinyl or CD versions of "The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" and get them a month before the official release date of 6/13.

Tyranny Is Tyranny have been moving away from the stormy, metal-edged post-rock of their 2013 debut album,
Let It Come From Whom It May. The songs on the new album The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism move at once toward more sparse post-punk influences and toward more open-ended, harmonically daring territory... That duality is embodied in “Pillar Of Cloud, Pillar Of Fire," previewed in the making-of video: Like several songs on this album, it features mournful trumpet from bassist [M. Guy Ficcioto], and while familiar Tyranny elements like Russell Hall and Jason Jensen's dynamically deliberate guitars and Hall's excoriating vocals predominate, this material has something a lot more spacious and unsettling built into it. This is also the band's first recording with drummer Jonathan Brown. --
Scott Gordon, Tone Madison

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Basic tracks recorded by Dustin Sisson at Blast House Studios, Madison WI, September 25, 2014. Additional recording and mixing by Russell Hall and Jason Jensen at The House For Wayward Boys, Madison WI, October–December 2014. Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago. Dead hawk photo courtesy Boston School Forest, Stevens Point Public Schools. 

Jonathan “JB” Brown: drums 
M. Guy Ficcioto: bass, trumpet, backing vocals 
Russell Emerson Hall: guitar, vocals 
Jason Jensen: guitar 

Alex Linden and Zach Johnson: additional backing vocals

Everything else:

“Extreme violence has a way of preventing us from seeing the interests it serves.” ― Naomi Klein,The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism 

Official release date: June 13, 2015 on Phratry Records.