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Knife The Symphony / Smoke Signals... Split EP Pre-Order

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PRE-ORDER CAMPAIGN Knife The Symphony / Smoke Signals... Split 12" EP/CD/MP3

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Pre-Order the upcoming KNIFE THE SYMPHONY / SMOKE SIGNALS... Split 12" EP/CD/MP3 (Phratry Records, Fall 2015). Only here can you pickup a copy of the new 12" (or CD), at a reduced price before it's available at shows or anywhere else online. Pre-order specials also include bundle-packages with t-shirts.

12" vinyl comes packaged in 2-color, screen-printed sleeve with poster-sized insert and free MP3 download. CD comes packed in 5 1/4" mini-LP gatefold sleeve.

All orders will ship in September. Postage Paid.

Other information about the people behind this campaign:

Knife The Symphony has toured quietly, albeit steadily, for nearly 10 years. In that time, the band has consistently released energetic, abrasive, rhythmic-work garnering comparisons to Hüsker Dü, Drive Like Jehu, Jawbox, and Unwound. The band owes a considerable debt to Dischord, SST and Touch & Go.

Smoke Signals… combine the splintering attack of Midwest hardcore and the delicate compositions of progressive rock and post punk.

Everything else:

phra·try [ fráy tree ]

noun. Definition: 1. any of the similar units, as a group of clans, of a primitive tribe. A phratry is a term for a kinship division consisting of two or more distinct clans, which are considered a single unit, but retain separate identities within the tribe.

Est. 2004 in Cincinnati, Ohio with nearly 50 releases to date, and working with bands across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, Phratry Records is an underground label focused on art and community. Phratry is one of many in a long line of DIY, independent record labels and owes a considerable debt to imprints such as SST, Touch & Go, Dischord, Amphetamine Reptile and more. Uninterested in being a genre-specific record label, Phratry boasts a diverse catalog—everything from rock, punk, metal and noise to folk, indie rock and contemporary classical—by artists who share decidedly non-mainstream ethos.