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Alec Stern- The Family You Choose. Help Me Get It Pressed On Vinyl!

Project Format: Crowdfunding Campaigns, 12 inch Vinyl, 180 Gram Vinyl, Vinyl + Digital
Genre: Ambient, Indie Rock

Crowdfunding Campaign. Help me make a dream come true and self-release my new album on vinyl!

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Hey everyone!


If you have spoken with me at any point in the last year, I have probably mentioned that I have an album “coming soon”. I am immensely proud to say that the album is done, and I am so excited for you all to hear it!


As most of you know, I am somewhat of a purist and a sucker for tangible items (records, books, etc.) Between the incredibly personal themes of the album, as well as the sheer amount of time and energy I spent laboring over these songs, I don’t want this album to solely live in a digital intangible space like most music does nowadays. I want to be able to hold this thing I have been working on, thinking about, and obsessing over for all this time. I want to be able to show my kids what I was doing at this stage in my life. I want to be able to place my music on the same shelves as some of the albums that changed my life, and I want to hear what my voice and my playing sound like coming out of a needle and groove.


As I'm sure you can imagine, making this dream come true comes with a cost. Making a vinyl is an expensive process that takes time to come to fruition. And as I am not signed to a record label, the cost for pressing an album falls completely on my shoulders. I am prepared to pay the majority of the costs to turn this personal dream into a reality, but truthfully, I could really use some help. This site will act as a crowd-sourcing platform to help raise money for this album to be pressed on vinyl. I'm not looking to profit on this; I simply want to get the record made. Therefore, every pledge is crucial!


Between mastering, getting the album pressed to vinyl, getting the covers printed, and shipping the records, the total will likely fall around $2,000. My goal is to raise $1,000-which would help me immensely- and I will handle the rest. As is the case with crowdsourcing, no funds will be withdrawn until the goal is raised. If I am not able to raise $1,000 in the next 45 days, your pledge will not be submitted and no money will be lost.


I am selling the album digitally for $5, but the real goal of this campaign is for the vinyl, which I am selling for $25. With the vinyl, you will receive a free download code for the digital album immediately. Records unfortunately take some time to make, but if the goal is met, I am hoping to have a box full of records ready for you all by December/January!

Even if you don't have a record player, putting an album out on vinyl has been a dream of mine for a long time, and each donation gets me closer to accomplishing something that means a great deal to me!


Thank you very much, and enjoy the record!!

About The Album:

For over a year, I have been working on this project. It began last summer, when I came across some old home videos, many of which I had forgotten even existed. When looking back at these old family memories, I felt a extremely powerful wave of nostalgia and emotion, and I knew I wanted to somehow capture those feelings in a piece of art.

Inspired by some of my favorite albums using non-traditional audio samples (Bound Stems “Appreciation Night” comes to mind), I decided to strip the audio from some of my favorite moments found on these home videos- an ordinary night around the dinner table, heading to a school play, the incredible story of how my grandparents met, etc.- and found ways to embed them into these songs. Musically, it's my most ambitious work to date, incorporating new instruments to my pallet and blending styles I have always loved.


Album Cover/ Title

The cover features a picture of Aenea Morton, the daughter of very dear friends of mine, and was taken by Laura Carrillo. This picture captures the moment where she realized she can make noise/music with her hands. There was really no other image that could have represented this album better, and I am extremely thankful to Eric and Ayana for allowing me to use this photo.


The name of the album is credited to the Slavin family



This song was written, performed, recorded, and mixed solely by me on my laptop in my bedroom. It was mastered by the incredible Jon Alvin.

Vinyl Manufacturing
Vinyl will be pressed at Gotta Groove Records on 12", audiophile-quality 180-gram virgin vinyl - no flimsy, floppy discs here. The lacquers will be cut from 24-bit (higher than CD-quality) files that Mr. Alvin mastered specifically for vinyl, separately from the masters he made for digital release. This will ensure the best sound quality without compromise, no matter what format you choose. By all accounts this vinyl is going to sound fantastic!

The album is also available for digital download RIGHT NOW as 320 kbps MP3's for $5 Once you make your contribution you will be e-mailed an instant download code!

Other information about the people behind this campaign:

My Dear Friend Jon Alvin mastered this record. It sounds awesome. He is awesome. If you want your records to sound awesome too, you should hit him up.

Everything else:

If you've already donated and want to help more, be sure to share this page with everyone you know!


Thank you all!