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The Body Light

Project Format: Crowdfunding Campaigns, 12 inch Vinyl, Random Color Vinyl
Genre: Indie Rock, Prog Rock

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Hi guys. My name is Josh. Once upon a time I fronted the circus punk band Kiss Kiss (Eyeball Records) and then the band Vuvuzela. For almost a decade I toured with bands like Murder by Death, The Dear Hunter, Thursday, and more. Now I am an old man but I still make strange music.

This latest collection of songs are tunes I am very proud of, and if you were a fan of Kiss Kiss I think you are going to like them. As you know I have never been a stickler for musical conformity, and on some of these songs it gets weird. Listen!


I am hoping instead of releasing this digitally enough people will want it on vinyl. I had the wonderful artist Laura Carrozza make beautiful paintings and illustrations for these songs. They deserve to be blown up 12" by 12" instead of a tiny square on a cell phone. And the music deserves not to be compressed tightly into an MP3. And some of the lyrics are about swimming in blood. Who doesn't want that printed largely onto a full color insert?

So side A will be "The Body Light". My new EP.

1. A Moon By My Side
2. The Body Light
3. Prelude to Pitchforks
4. Swim in the Blood
5. Extinction on our Lungs.

But because vinyl is pricy and this EP will only need one side, side B is going to have some of my favorite recordings since my years with Kiss Kiss.

I will max out side B with a few songs from my previous solo efforts, and include 4 of my favorite Vuvuzela tracks that deserve to be stamped into wax. 

This pre-order is all or nothing, so if you are interested, please buy a record!
Hopefully I will be mailing them soon!

Much Love

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Each LP is $22 and that includes shipping and handling!

11 songs. 35 minutes of lovely music.

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