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Eyes On Me - "My Best Idea" EP Vinyl

Project Format: Crowdfunding Campaigns, 12 inch Vinyl, Open Campaigns Only
Genre: Indie Rock, Pop, Punk, Rock


$195 Raised out of $2,000
8 Fans
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Eyes On Me and Broken Heart Records deeply appreciates your consideration for helping us put out our ep. We have some great incentives for your wonderful donation help. They are as follows:
$5 – digital version of EP
$12 – Digital and Vinyl Copy of EP
$25 – Digital, Vinyl and t-shirt
$35 – Fan pack (Digital, Vinyl, Broken Heart Records t-shirt and hand numbered Poster of artwork)
$50 – Lyrics Fan Pack (Digital, poster and Handwritten Lyrics for one song of you choice)
$75 – Signed Fan Pack (Digital, Signed-Vinyl, poster, Handwritten Lyrics)
$100 – Double Signed Fan Pack (Digital, Signed-Vinyl, Signed-t-shirt, poster, Handwritten Lyrics)
$125 – Test Press Fan Pack (Digital, Signed-Vinyl, poster, Handwritten Lyrics and Test Press limited to 15)
$175 – Ultimate Lyrics Fan Pack (Digital, Signed-Vinyl, poster, test press out of 15 and Handwritten Lyrics of All 5 tracks)
$300 – House Show (We travel within 200 miles of Lynchburg, VA and play a show at your house. It can be Acoustic or full band. The choice is yours. And you also get Digital, Signed-Vinyl, poster, Broken Heart Records t-shirt, Handwritten Lyrics of All 5 Tracks and Test Press limited to 15)

March 5, 2013 - We didn't make it.

Well we didn't make it but that is ok.  Don't worry we Broken Heart Records will release a split with Eyes On Me.  You will not be charged for your donations.  Thanks For your support guys

January 26, 2013 - Tell your Friends

Please tell your friends to update.  We will not be able to do this without your help.  Keep it going guys.

Also all prices include shipping to the US.  With the current rake hikes please add $7 for canada and the rest of the world add $17.