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"The Authority Of" The Torches Pre-Order

Project Format: Pre-Order Campaigns, 12 inch Vinyl, Open Campaigns Only
Genre: Indie Rock, Rock

PRE-ORDER CAMPAIGN: You can Pre-Order "The Authority Of" by The Torches right here and now.

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To pre-order The Authority Of by The Torches:

1. Choose tar black ($17) or broken bottle green ($20) vinyl by clicking on the respective green price tag to the right

2. Click "Continue to Checkout"

3. Pay for the record

Alternatively, the "GROOVE" button will allow you to just throw money at us (but we can't throw a record back at you unless you have thrown at least $17).


A note from the band:

Hello friends of The Torches, 

We are very excited to be offering our first LP "The Authority Of" as part of this "Pre-Order campaign." And lest you worry, no, this is not an attempt to raise money to make/release the record: It is finished. 

This is your chance to order the thing right now and have it shipped to your excellent self as soon as it is available (you might even get it before we do).

The artwork was done by our friend Lisa Marie, and is full color on the front and back and on the labels. There's also an inner sleeve, not pictured, with the lyrics and more art!

Order now and let us know if you have any questions:

The Torches

Other information about the people behind this campaign:

The Torches are a rock-n-roll folk stomp band from the Washington, DC area. This is their first full-length release. You can find more information about The Torches by going to or (the extra "e" is required).

As with our first release, an EP called "The Torches," this album is being put out by our friends at who put out lots of good stuff.

Everything else:

ALL pre-orders will include Complimentary Digital Downloads of the entire album.

Pre-orders will ship before and/or around June 1, 2013

Pre-order pricing includes shipping and handling within the U.S. via Media Mail.

International orders - please add $15 shipping and handling for 1st Class International postage.

Lujo Records
Record Label

About Lujo Records

There are two types of people in the world.

Actually thats not true. There are many types of people in the world, but for our purposes here allow me to delineate two: dreamers and doers. People tend to fall into one category or the other, and once in a rare while they encompass both. Erik Aucoin is one of these.

In 2001 at a ripe, young age of 19, Erik started indie rock label, Lujo Records. A small town void of rock shows and flanked by swamps and gators isn’t the most conducive environment for starting a record label, or even dreaming of starting one. But his love for music and determination to do overcame this and brought his dream to life.

Inspired by labels founded on the DIY ethic -labels like Dischord, Touch & Go, and Jade Tree – Erik first put his dream into action by contacting his favorite musical luminaries. He enquired to work with Jeff Bettger (Suffering & The Hideous Thieves), Shelby Cinca (Frodus), and Nathan Burke (Frodus), his enthusiasm proving enough to bring the artists quickly into the fold.

In 2002, Lujo overcame near downfall due to a brief dealing with a well-intentioned non-profit organization that capsized. Wading through the wreckage, energies were refocused, and the label was able to regain the stability necessary to move forward as an independent company, now with complete creative control.

With this newfound creative control, Lujo began to unleash a conglomerate of strong records, all of which served to spread the label name and grow the company in new directions. This series included critically acclaimed records from bands such as: The Fall of Troy, Suffering & The Hideous Thieves,Baby Teeth, The Out-Circuit, In Praise of Folly, and more.

In 2004, Erik relocated his base of operations to Washington, DC. Not long after that, he solicited the help of former Lujo press girl, Jocelyn Toews, to be his partner. At the time, Jocelyn was working as a marketing coordinator at Caroline Distribution in Los Angeles. Persuading her to come back to Lujo did not take much persuasion, however. She had always felt a connection with the label and knew she belonged on the label side of the industry, as opposed to distribution.

So with Erik and Jocelyn in co-command, Nigel Dennis as art director, Stephen Guidry in charge of finding new talent, Aaron Feibus ruling over accounting and the digital world, Ana Aucoinoperating mailorder, Joseph Jakuta mastering the www, and Riot Act and Guerilla on press, the Lujo ship was strong and the time was right to bring in some more players. Musical players, that is.

In 2005 the label signed Roy, Summer Darling,The Dark Romantics. Coho, The Drugstore Cowboys and Look Mexico soon followed suit, rounding out the roster for 2006. These bands along with new records from A Lull (ex-members of The Evaluation), Baby Teeth and Silence The Foe, position the label for great things in the future.

And through all the changes, one thing remains constant: Lujo’s commitment to maintaining a high aesthetic standard. Afterall, Lujo (a Spanish word pronounced lou-hoe), means high-quality or luxurious. This ethic has been there from the labels’ conception and serves as the common thread throughout the company, from sound to design to composition to fans!

Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening. You are a part of the Lujo legacy and we love you!

May 3, 2013 - Masters approved

After listening to the vinyl on the worst possible turntable (mine - Stephen), on the best possible one, and with the same system where the record was mixed -- and finding ourselves happy in all three scenerios-- the masters have been approved and we are crossing our fingers for a late-May release. Can't promise anything of course, but it WOULD be exciting.

Thank you for your support.


The Torches