Crowd Funding / Pre-Order Marketplace and Funding Portal for Vinyl Record Projects


(Answers for the three most popular questions are immediately below. Additional information is provided as you scroll down).



No. Anything related to music can be a fit for the GrooveBot.



Nope - while we would certainly love to press your record, we recognize that all pressing plants have their own specialties, and GGR may not always be the best fit for your project.  We are happy to help you launch your vinyl project even if we are not pressing it.



Simply put - we want to save you time and money.  We strongly believe that crowdfunding and pre-selling can help an independent musician and/or label do more with limited time and make more money with limited resources.  You might get some added exposure from any given campaign, but at the end of the day, we built the GrooveBot to help you crowdfund and pre-sell more efficiently.

Look - we are not trying to replace Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, PledgeMusic, Bandcamp, etc; or become your sole web or social media presence. But, if you are doing vinyl records as any part of your release campaign, we think we can save you money and offer you the best pre-order / crowdfunding tools, especially if you are having Gotta Groove press your records. 

The GrooveBot is simple by design:

  • All projects on the GrooveBot are limited in duration for presales and fundraising only - we are not a marketplace.
  • We offer tie-in tools for all other social media - we are not a social network.
  • We make it easy for you to promote your campaign online - we are not meant to be your only website, but can certainly fit into your other web presences cohesively.
  • Your customer data is yours  from the beginning - you have access to emails, physical addresses, and other customer data as soon as someone contributes to your campaign.
  • Low fees, and fast & simple payouts.

No matter what crowdfunding or pre-order service you use, your campaign's success is dependent upon how you promote yourself, and the quality of your work.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools and mechansms to easily promote/pre-sell/fundraise, so you can focus on your craft. 


About The GrooveBot and Gotta Groove Records

The GottaGrooveBot is the crowdfunding/pre-order platform intended to tie folks with new and interesting vinyl records and other music projects with consumers who seek those very releases.  It was officially launched in January 2013 by Gotta Groove Records, Inc. --  the vinyl record pressing plant located in Cleveland, Ohio specializing in high-quality 12” and 7” vinyl. 

The GottaGrooveBot is an extension of Gotta Groove Records' mission to enable independent musicians and other entrepreneurs and organizations to thrive in the physical music marketplace through the release of vinyl records, and beyond. The GrooveBot is intented to tie those with new and interesting vinyl records and other music projects with consumers who seek out those very releases.

GGR stands behind the independent music community - both in manufacturing high quality vinyl records, as well as providing tools for independents to fund, produce, and distribute their records and other music-related products and services on their own terms.

For Fans/Funders: How does funding work?

As a fan/ funder, you can determine how much you want to give to a business or project after reviewing their fundraising page on the GrooveBot. Enter the amount you want to give the business or project in the box above the “Groove” button and click the “Groove” button. You will be guided through a couple more steps to complete your transaction securely with our credit card processor, WePay.

For Campaign Managers: Are fans/funders buying shares or securing a share of revenue in my business or projects?

No,not at all. Campaigns on the GrooveBot are used to either fund music-related projects (i.e., fans/funders are "gifting" an amount to fund the project or purchasing a stated "gift" in exchange for their payment), or "pre-ordering" a stated item for the stated funding level.

For Fans/Funders: Do I get an ownership stake in the companies I fund?

No,not at all. See the immediately preceding answer.

For Fans/Funders: How much can I fund?

Technically speaking there is no limit to how much can be given to a business or project on the GrooveBot. The maximum one time contribution is $1,900 and that amount can be given more than once. That said, we strongly encourage you to consult a tax-professional about the tax implications of giving away large sums of money. Specifically, we strongly encourage you to discuss the “IRS Gift Tax Limit” and other regulations with your tax-professional.

For Campaign Managers: How much can I raise?

Technically speaking there is no limit to how much can be raised by a business or project via a GrooveBot campaign. That said, we strongly encourage you to consult a tax-professional about the tax implications of receiving large sums of gifted money. Specifically, we strongly encourage you to discuss the “IRS Gift Tax Limit” and other regulations with your tax-professional.

For Campaign Managers: Do I need to be located in the United States?

Nope!  We work with folks all around the globe.

For Fans/Funders: How many businesses can I fund?

A fan/funder can fund as many businesses or projects as she or he wants.

For Fans/Funders: Is my contribution tax deductible?

Not for most businesses or projects. If the business raising funds is already a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit, they may issue you a receipt for tax purposes themselves. Gotta Groove Records, Inc. is not part of the tax implications of the transactions conducted on our platform.

For All Users: What are my tax obligations?

We cannot advise you on this, but it is your responsibility and solely your responsibility to remit the appropriate taxes (income, sales, VAT, property, estate or otherwise) to the appropriate taxing agency. We strongly encourage you to consult a tax professional.

For All Users: Do fans/funders need to be a certain age?

Yes. Fans/funders must be at least 18 or older.

For All Users: Do fans/funders need to be in the United States?

No. Payments can come from anyonw with an American or international credit card.

Intellectual Property:

All campaign managers must own or otherwise control all rights to the content she or he uploads and/or promotes/sells/funds on the GottaGrooveBot platform. All vinyl project campaign managers must sign the mandatory Gotta Groove Release Form.



The majority of campaigns offered by Campaign Managers on the GottaGrooveBot include some level of “perk” or reward / item offered in connection with specific funding levels.  When a Funder contributes a stated funding level to a given campaign, that Funder is entering into a contract between the Campaign Manager and that Funder.  Gotta Groove Records, Inc. is expressly not a party to that contract between the Campaign Manager and Funder, and offers no assurance that any rights and obligations stated in said contract will be fulfilled, performed, or enforced including but not limited to delivery of goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties, or representations associated with campaigns published at any time on the GottaGrooveBot website.  To be clear – all dealings between Funders and Campaign Managers are solely between themselves and not Gotta Groove Records, Inc.

Gotta Groove Records, Inc. is not liable for any damages or loss incurred related to the aforementioned contracts, or any other use of the GottaGrooveBot. Gotta Groove Records, Inc. is under no obligation to become involved in disputes between Funders, Campaign Managers, and/or any other Users of the GottaGrooveBot website; or between Users and any third party arising in connection with the use of the GottaGrooveBot website or connected services. 

Further, Gotta Groove Records, Inc. does not endorse any campaign or other user submission to the GottaGrooveBot website, and expressly does not review or manage the performance of campaigns and projects associated therewith.  By using the GottaGrooveBot website, you expressly release Gotta Groove Records, Inc., its officers, employees, agents, assigns, and successors from any claims, damages whatsoever arising out of or related in any way to the use of the services provided on the GottaGrooveBot website at any time.

Have other questions?

We encourage all Campaign Managers to read the pages under the “Get Started” tab above.  Campaign Managers and Fans/Funders with additional questions should feel free to contact us via email, or call us at (800) 295-0171.