Crowd Funding / Pre-Order Marketplace and Funding Portal for Vinyl Record Projects


The GottaGrooveBot is a crowdfunding & pre-order portal for launchers of vinyl record and other music-related projects.


Key benefits for Vinyl Record Projects:

  • KEEP IT REAL:  By tying your crowdfunding/pre-order campaigns to your manufacturing order, you can more offer unique but attainable configurations on realistic timelines -- providing your fanbase with accurate release information and near-real time updates, and managing expectations. 
  • Gotta Groove representatives will help to ensure that your publicized configurations and release schedule are within GGR manufacturing capabilities.  This prevents over-promising to your fan base, and keeps your fans happy.


  • GET A JUMP START:  For those who want to get a jump start on their test pressings and/or art proofs but might not have the $$$ on their own yet- The Groovebot enables you to set a campaign were you get nearly-instant access to the funds you raise, as they are being raised (you also have the option to run traditional "all or nothing" campaigns where the goal must be reached before funds are processed) -- Please see the details on the Create Campaign page.


  • SAVE MONEY:   The GottaGrooveBot charges you a very low flat 7 percent fee on all funds raised -- nothing more!


  • FREE STUFF:  Yep- every campaign with the GrooveBot has the option of including a free instant download of any [legal] file - audio, video, printable - whatever you want, which is automatically emailed to each funder who contributes to the campaign. So, get crazy with some unique add-ons for your fans who help you fund your project(s)!


  • MULTIPLE CAMPAIGNS?  Sure, why not?  You can have any number of campaigns running at the same time on the GrooveBot.  In fact, if you are a label who wants your own curated page for all of your campaigns, hit us up!


The Ultimate in Flexiblity and Tools

  • KEEP ALL FUNDS YOU RAISE, OR SET A GOAL:  The GrooveBot gives you the option to either publish a "traditional" crowdfunding campaign - where a goal (you set the tipping point) is required to be met within a set time period for any funds to be disbursed.  Or - you can use the platform as a "pre-order tool" -- where you keep all funds that you raise over a user-defined time period -- plus, you get access to your money within days of raising them with this option!


  • UNLIMITED FUNDING LEVELS AND PERKS:  Every campaign can have any number of perks to offer to fans for their support - as many as you can think up!


  • MARKETING TOOLS:  Either way, every campaign you publish includes the necessary tools to tie it in with all social media utilities, as well as use a free embeddable widget to spread the word on any web page!


What About Non-Vinyl Music Projects?

  • NOT JUST FOR VINYL PROJECTS -- FOR ANY MUSIC PROJECT!  CDs, DVDs, and any other project as long as it is music related in some manner -- the GrooveBot is a great crowdfunding/pre-order tool!  Whether you are funding an apparel project; an online or mobile app; a live event; or beyond -- the GrooveBot offers you an array of funding and marketing tools at a very low 7% fee on funds raised!


Product Fulfillment Services

  • PICK / PACK / SHIP:  Ok, so you sell a bunch of records (or some other music product) through a GrooveBot campaign.  Now what?  Well, Gotta Groove can ship all of the items you sold directly to your funders and other fans!   We can pick/pack/ship on your behalf for a very low cost.  Contact us to learn more!


Physical Music Distribution

  • PHYSICAL MUSIC DISTRIBUTION:  Gotta Groove Records can provide physical music distribution services for vinyl.  Projects reaching a $2500 minimum level of funding are eligible - a low $35 insertion fee is assessed, and you set your own wholesale pricing!* (*You will be required to enter into a consignment agreement with Gotta Groove Records.  Contact us for more information.)